Installing Exchange 2016 from Scratch | part 3

Installing Active Directory

Once configured our first virtual machine, it’s time to install Active Directory on it.

Our first step will be turn on our cloned VM, a soon the VM start it’s going to be necessary configure your language and keyboard, accept the license terms and also set your password (admin account).

Select your language preferences on this screen

Once you accepted the license terms, it’s necessary to set a password for the local administrator account.

Set your password and don’t forget it.

After your fist long in, we need do some configurations before start the installation of Active Directory.

Configuring our private network adapter

We added two network adapters to this virtual machine, well, we are going to  configure the private adapter.

Active networks

At this moment it is easy to identify which is the “NAT” adapter and which is the “Private” adapter because the “NAT” adapter has Internet access by default, so in my case the second adapter on the list is “Ethernet1” without Internet connection.

We are going to configure a local network on this adapter using the information below:

Network configuration

At this point we are ready to go and start installing Active Directory, but it is a good practice set a new computer name to your server, so go ahead and set a friendly name to your domain controller, I called mine as “vmdc”.

Adding roles to our server

  • Adding roles and features

Now all the services have been installed, but we need configure them.

  • It is time to promote this servers to a domain controller.

Congratulations, you have Active Directory installed in your virtual machine.

On the next post, we are going to create a new virtual machine (clone) and we are going to create a new user in Active Directory with the permissions needed to install Microsoft Exchange 2016, also I’m going to show you how to configure our domain controller to allow another computers to get access to internet.

Thank you for reading until here.

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